Time Line of My Painting


TGblog1By artist Tamara Gonda

Here’s a time line of one of my paintings.

People often like to ask how long did it take to paint “that.”  I have no idea what they are asking, or mainly just why. Does it look like it took me five minutes, or does it look like months of laboring over the piece?

Some paintings only took a very short amount of time and I love them; they are loose paintings that look pure.  Others, meanwhile,  actually take months — not all my attention for months — but  I work a bit put it aside come back in a few weeks , and these usually end up being what I call tight paintings. They say a lot, many things are in them but hopefully they still look fresh and complicated all at the same time and I love the qualities in those works also.
I thought it would be amusing to see one painting I started on way back in September and I just finished days ago, through its progression.  Tell me if you like it. My web site is . I have a blog on my site as well if you’d like to visit it once in awhile. I don’t talk about painting that much, but I like to share paintings I’m working on once and again.


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