Tarja Cockell

Tarja Cockell

I like to work with mixed textile mediums to create my fiber art. As a native of Finland, where there is a long tradition in weaving, I worked as a weaving teacher after graduating from textiles and design. In spite of traditional techniques my work has always been contemporary and I believe my art pieces have that Scandinavian style of simplicity. I started as a weaver, but in recent years I wanted to explore new imagery with fewer limitations and I was inspired with other textile mediums like quilting, appliqué and dyeing.

My themes vary from still life and nature to abstract coloration. Images are simplified just bringing out the essence of the forms leaving space for the imagination.

You can visit me at Western Avenue Studios, studio A412, Lowell MA.

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Email: tarjart@gmail.com

Website: www.tarjacockell.com