Studio Tour: Tarja Cockell

photo (1)Nearly 7 years ago I moved my studio to Western Avenue studios in Lowell. It is a great artist community, which has seen some changes during the time I have been part of it. This old mill building has grown to five floors of artists studios and section of live and work artist lofts. I believe there is about 240 studios at the moment and over three hundred working artists.

My current studio is on the fourth floor in A-Mill. It came available in the fall of 2012 and when I saw it I didn’t have to think twice. This used to be Classic Elite Yarn’s office space and that is why I have those nice wood floors. I do my weaving with the two looms I have in my studio. Mostly I like to weave interior textiles, like rugs and wall hangings. For my wall art pieces I use mixed textile mediums, like woven textures, painting, dyeing and sewing. My studio is a place of inspiration with all those wonderful artists around me.
I want to keep that “open feeling” and that is why I do my sewing at home.

Western Avenue Studios is open to the public every first Saturday of the month from noon to 5pm. If you happen to visit the Open Studios, my studio number is A412.

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