Creating a ceramic castle

Creating my ceramic castles is a joy.  It brings me back to my childhood, when my sister and I would create homes for our small dolls out of shoe boxes and found materials.   This is a photo of several turrets drying after being thrown on the potters wheel.     3 turrets attached and [...]

Evernote for Artists

Evernote, if you haven’t used it before, is a cloud-based suite of programs designed for note-taking and storage. Many people use it for scanning receipts and storing personal data in the pursuit of a paperless desk. Others use it to take notes in business meetings, keep track of clients, or collect recipes. If you’re an [...]

Time Line of My Painting

  By artist Tamara Gonda Here’s a time line of one of my paintings. People often like to ask how long did it take to paint “that.”  I have no idea what they are asking, or mainly just why. Does it look like it took me five minutes, or does it look like months of [...]