Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club

On Monday, I dropped “Consider the Peony” off at the National Arts Club in NYC – in between Central Park and Wall street. I didn’t realize that it is in an historic building with beautiful paintings and sculpture…it reminded me of a museum.  Please see my photos.  I went upstairs to the Grand Gallery to [...]

Pottery Studio Surprises – Paula Barry

Many times (more often than we wish) odd surprises occur during a firing. Sometimes a test glaze comes out really great, sometimes a test glaze that expect to be great turns out horrid. Sometimes a test glaze comes out great, but the record keeping has much to be desired, so one really doesnt know how [...]

CLWAC show in NYC

“Consider the Peony”, a 2 x 3 ft acrylic painting of mine will soon be on exhibit in the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 117th Annual Open Exhibition in NYC at the National Arts Club.   Ms Wolfe was the only woman among the founders of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her collection of paintings formed [...]

Art vs. Craft?

You’ve heard the debate before — is something art, or is it craft — or worse, neither? Who gets to decide, and does it matter? Traditionally, “craft” has referred to work that requires a particular mechanical skill, like carpentry, weaving, or pottery. Crafted objects are usually useful and perform a particular function will. Art, on [...]