Visit Us at Sunapee

Several of our artists will be at the League of NH Craftsmen’s 80th Annual Craftsmen’s Fair in Sunapee NH from August 3-11. This nine-day event is a fantastic place to see not only your favorite local artisans but peruse over 200 booths.
MVA artists Tarja Cockell, Ritva Ojanen, Betsy Keeney, and Paula Barry will be there (Paula for a half week, starting August 7), as well as past members Ann Hanson and Ann Lee.

Stop in and see them!

Something Old Something New

This year, after wrangling with a tough economy, we have chosen to regroup and reinvigorate ourselves. We are returning to our roots in the local artisan community by recruiting new members and reaching out by speaking and demonstrating our work in local events.

We are also creating a new online presence, with a blog that will let you into the lives of our artisans, and brand new online gallery that will open as a storefront during our special Online Show event in October.

Stay tuned for news and special promotions!

Art vs. Craft?

You’ve heard the debate before — is something art, or is it craft — or worse, neither? Who gets to decide, and does it matter?

Traditionally, “craft” has referred to work that requires a particular mechanical skill, like carpentry, weaving, or pottery. Crafted objects are usually useful and perform a particular function will.

Art, on the other hand, does not appear to have that kind of stricture on it; a painting arguably does not have a specific purpose other than an abstraction such as the pleasure or appreciation of the viewer.

What do you think?


Janet Hsiao

Janice Toth