In My Fiber Studio – Lynn Ferrillo

Lynn_sm_20140702_0027I am currently one of two weavers in our group, but I have also long experimented with other ways to use fiber, (spinning some of my own yarn; needle felting)– and lately needle-tatting. To explain further: one of my husband’s former students does shuttle-tatting as a hobby, and I started noticing and admiring her work. Shuttle-tatting, though, requires that the yarn “flip” into its appropriate position as one pulls upon each half larks head knot, something that I soon discovered happens for me (in my
early 60’s) only about 50% of the time. Not an efficient way, for me at any rate, to go! Fortunately, a needle-tatted product is similar in appearance to its shuttle-tatted cousins. PLUS it allows one to tatt with far thicker yarns than when using the traditional shuttle. So, now I have started needle-tatting
coasters, trivets, and little freeform doilies. Here is a set of flower coasters as an example.

Hope you can come by the show to check out all the artisans over the weekend of October 18-19.

Lynn Ferrillo, Handweaver

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