Looking for New Members

Would you like to join our group?

The Merrimack Valley Artisans are currently looking for new members to jury into the group. We meet once a month on the second Monday of the month to plan our annual show and discuss topics of interest to our members. We work together to create a shared blog and an online store, and also occasionally meet socially for coffee.

We are looking for artists and craftspeople producing high quality, original work with attention to detail and workmanship – work that is expressive of the artist’s point of view and personal style. The work should be completely created by the artist from raw materials. We do not accept resale items or work made from kits, commercial molds, or consumable goods.

For further information and to apply for membership, please view our membership page using the top menu.

Pottery Studio Surprises – Paula Barry

Many times (more often than we wish) odd surprises occur during a firing. Sometimes a test glaze comes out really great, sometimes a test glaze that expect to be great turns out horrid. Sometimes a test glaze comes out great, but the record keeping has much to be desired, so one really doesnt know how [...]

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